Water purification on solar for Urban Search And Rescue teams (USAR Heavy) since 2001
More than 20+ years experience in all major disasters 25+ countries



Danish Emergency Management Agency field hospital in Kabul. (ISAF)


Blue Box 60 Reverse Osmosis Product demonstration

Blue Box 1500 Ultra Filtration & Ultra Violet Product demonstration


E.C. Corp. Mobile water supply for construction sites

Sulawesi Blue Box in operation

 Products video Much More Water

Central African Republic CAR

2014 DEMA Denmark Emergency Agency relief mission. 


(USAR) Urban Search And Rescue team Heavy.

Emergency water purification on television

Chad, D.R.

2011 Solar powered water supply for hospitals, UNICEF

2013 Solar powered water supply for hospitals, WHO

2015 Desalination plants BlueBox 5000 RO Liter per hour for hospitals and schools, UNICEF

Building water supply BB1200 RO Indonesia

Loading BB1200 RO to ship to emergency disaster


2006 Bluebox 1200 mobile water purification plant

Chairman Mr. Kombo from water Services Trust Fund is visiting the MuchMoreWater stand in Nairobi. From Aid to Trade: Enhancing and irrigation in Africa. “Read more about the Kenya Water week here. https://www.kenyawaterweek.org/

Peter Christensen, the Danish Minister of Defence, paid a visit to MuchMoreWater discuss clean drinking water. 


Permanent water supply for Danida field laboratory near Dhaka

Permanent water supply for Nuttall Entreprises near Dhaka


BlueBox 300 Permanent water supply for 10 schools in rural Amazons

Blue Box Mobile water supply for Brazilian border patrols

Permanent water supply for Ariau Amazon Tower Hotel – Manaus


Since 2004 Danish Emergency Management Agency, Rapid Relief camps. Urban Search And Rescue (USAR)


2011 DEMA. BlueBox 450’s for field hospital use

2007-2013 Danish Red Cross, drinking water for humanitarian aid camp

Danish Emergency Management Agency is the Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) Blue Box in there standard equipement since 2004


2012 Estonian Rescue Board. BlueBox 450 RO


2011 Veolia Foundation. BlueBox 1200 RO


Permanent water supply for Community Water and Sanitation Agency

Great Britain

British Emergency Resources Development Agency operates BlueBox 450 RO in Sierra Leone

United Kingdom - Marine Corps - Royal Marine Commando (Special Forces) - 3 Commando Brigade - 24 Commando Royal Engineers

United Kingdom - Marine Corps - Royal Marine Commando (Special Forces) - 16 Air Assault Brigade 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment BlueBox 140 SeaSalt several types



2010 BlueBox 1200’s in action at UN camp in Haiti. DEMA DK - (USAR) Urban Search And Rescue team Heavy.


2001 Water supply for Emergency Relief at earthquake site


2005 Emergency water supply for the tsunami-struck area, Banda Aceh. (USAR) Urban Search And Rescue team Heavy.


BlueBox several types


Mobile water supply for Danish Peace Keeping Forces. United Nations.


Ivory Coast

2013 Wall-mounted purification plant for manufacturing facility


2017 Bluebox 450 RO, installed at school


Bluebox 1200 Mobile water purifier


Mobile water supply for Swedish Peace Keeping Forces United Nations in Monrovia


2014-2015 Norwegian Defence Forces. 


Mobile water supply for UNICEF during flooding


Permanent water supply for Nigerian Associated Best Foods Ltd.


2006 Finsam Container Systems. Mobile kitchens Blueboxes for military with special water test option

2010-2014 Complete water purification systems including water tanks for the Norwegian Civil Defence Division for Emergency Deployment USAR

2014 Norwegian Armed Forces camp water solution for int’l missions

2015 DSB Directorate for Civil Protection Norway


2017 Netherlands Ministry of Defence. SOCOM Special Operations Command. BlueBox Types

2019 Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR Heavy) Netherlands Several Types www.USAR.nl  (IFV Institute Fysieke Veiligheid)


BlueBox 1200’s in action during and after flooding in Pakistan


2013 BlueBox operating in United Nations and Red Cross missions after Typhoon


2017 Romania National Emergency Agency I.G.S.U. (USAR) Urban Search And Rescue team Heavy.
18 units Bluebox 60 RO Solar.

Sierra Leone

2014 DFID UK, Dema DK, DSB Norway Em. Agencies against Ebola
(USAR) Urban Search And Rescue team Heavy.

2015 International Medical Corps 

BlueBox several types

South Africa

2004 Proof of Concept supervised by Water Research Commission

South Sudan

2012, 2013. Drinking water for camp supply. Red Cross, DSB (Norway) BlueBox several types


2006 Drinking water in refugee camp, managed by Swedish Defence


Mobile water supply for the Swedish Defence

2006 Development of 10” container water purification units

2008 Mobile water solutions for the Swedish Defence

2009 Mobile water purification, development and supply of new Bluebox 4000 system

2010  43 pcs Mobile BlueBox 4000 water purification units

2011 13 pcs Mobile BlueBox 4000 water purification units

2014 Installation for mobile slaughterhouse

Mobile water supply for the Swedish Defence


2013 Drinking water for workers in a large manufacturer (CSR water)

United States of America

2019 - United States Air Force

USAF - 31 Rescue Squadron Airborne - Japan

BlueBox 60 BlueBox several types


water purification units


Permanent water supply at Health Clinic in Vi Thui village near Can Tho BlueBox several types